Forms are an integral part of the Udo Platform, and allow visitors to interact with you via the website. They can be used from just subscribing users to a mailing list, to leaving contacts details, or creating a user account, updating details, and much more.

Overview of Forms

A Form is build via the Forms section in the admin area, much like any other page. You can drag in elements that are form input boxes.  Each of these elements can be configured to be required, have a custom label, placeholder, and field name. (See: Building Forms). Once published (Go Live), these can be dragged into a page, layout, product, to display the form for site visitors to use the form. (See: Inserting Forms). Once a user complete the form, the form will automatically generate an email using the Form Layout (See: Create a Form Layout), and this will be addressed to the user who completed the form, and also any users that are attached to the form via the Linked Items area, an alternative to this is to select emails that will be sent via the linked items area, to have complete control over the email content (See: Create custom form notification emails). As part of submitting the form, the form results area stored into the Form Results Section of the admin, you can view and export these results (See: Working with form results).

Advanced Form Features:

  1. Custom Validation Rules
    Create custom input formats (regular expression patterns) or JavaScript function to validate form input data.
  2. Multi-Step Forms
    Create forms that users can step through, rather than collecting all the data in a single step
  3. Dynamic Default Values
    Auto-fill form fields from current product, event or page. This can be used capture product name and/or code to be sent in product enquiry, or capture currently logged in users name & email, to save the user typing these values in over again.
  4. Quiz or Test Scoring
    Provide correct answers (input) and score for input elements, and the form can generate a score as part of the response.
  5. Custom Actions
    Update items in the Udo Platform (eg. User Profile), send emails, populate shopping cart, attach items, create items in Udo, and much more.