Form Results can be found in their raw form under Forms Section -> Form Results. If you open these you can see all the fields that were completed in the original form.

Each Result will either be Enabled or Disabled, the Disabled form results indicate a form result that has not been completed in its entirety. Some data may be viewable when in this incompleted state.

Each result is linked to the form that created it, and the user (if an email is entered) that completed it. This allows viewing of the responses a particular user has completed, or is completing.

The results also include:

- IP Address - The Internet Address of the visitor who completed the form

- Start At - The Time the form was first submitted to the server

- Submitted At - The time the form was successfully submitted (Completed)

- Current Step - The current step the user is up to in the form results.

- Scores - The scores for each step

- Form Data - Each field that was completed by the Visitor

- Attached Files - Each file that was uploaded as part of this form results. These files will not be available forever, at some point (generally 1 year old) these files will be removed from your site to save space.

Exporting Results

Export Specific Forms Data

To Export all results from one specific Form:

  1. Go to Forms Section in the Admin Area
  2. Open the form you want the results from
  3. In the top toolbar, click the Results Button
  4. Click the Download as CSV Button
  5. A CSV file will be downloaded, that can be opened with Excel (as a Spreadsheet).