Pages / Products

To insert a Form into Pages / Layouts follow the steps blow:

  1. Login to the Admin
  2. Open a "Page", or Layout
  3. Click "Design" button to enable design mode
  4. Drag the "form" block on the "Page Builder".
  5. Click "Select Form", a fly-in window comes out.
  6. Choose the form you would like to display on the "Page"
  7. Click "Go Live" button to save the changes

Popup Forms

To have a form open within a popup follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the Admin
  2. Go to the Pages Section
  3. Go to the Popups Sub-Section
  4. Create a new Popup
  5. Name the popup by completing the Title
  6. Drag a heading into the page builder
  7. Enter an appropriate heading
  8. Drag a form block into the page builder
  9. Click the Select Form button, to choose your form
  10. Click Go Live to save the popup
  11. Open the Page / Product / News / Layout / etc what you want to place a button to open the popup in
  12. Drag in a button into the page builder
  13. Click the Link to Button for the button, and select the popup you just created
  14. Click Go Live to save your changes.

Form Block Settings

The form block has the following settings:

  • Select Form
    Select a different form to display in the page builder
  • Alignment
    Change the alignment of the submit button
  • IFrame (Advanced Option)
    Embed the form in an iframe rather than directly into the page
  • Hide / Show Label
    Hide/Show the fields labels, if they are hidden your visitor will have to rely on the placeholder text for the input fields. NB: It is a good idea to show labels for larger or more complex form.