Please note: this only applies to payments made through Stripe

Log into you site as Admin (see Introduction to Udo Admin).

Click on Order on the left hand side: this takes you to all the orders.
Find the order you want to process a refund on. Double Click to open the order.

Scroll down to Payments & Refunds section and expand with the plus sign on the left.

On the stripe payment record, there is a Refund button, click this to start a refund on that payment.

The amount will default to the total of the invoice, or you can manually enter the amount you wish to refund for a partial refund.

Press OK

You will now see a record of the refund with attached stripe reference number. 

When you do a refund you will need to reduce the cost of the items by the amount you have refunded in the order as well so it doesn't show this amount as owing anymore.

To do this go to the item refunded and change the qty to what it should be (e.g. 0 if you refunded them in full or reduce them by the amount you have refunded, so if you sold 6 and refunded 3, then the total sold is only 3).