Popup module is used for display a modal screen on the web page.

Create a Popup

1.Login to the admin area

2.Click "Pages" on the left menu bar

3.Click "Popups" under "Pages"

4.Click "Create Popup" button on top left

5.Put a name in "Title" field.

6.Set the width, height for different devices

7.(Optional) If you would like display it as full screen, turn "Full Screen" on

8.Click "Design" button to enable design mode

9.Put content that you would like to display in modal screen

10.Click "Go Live" to save the popup

How to use a Popup

There are two ways you could use the popup:

1. Click triggered popup

   Once you have created a popup, you can link a block which has link option to the popup.

   Such as Button, Image, Heading, Panel, etc.

2. Automatically popup.

    With this option, you are wanting to promote some content on page load. 

    So this should be setup in "Layout" (Usually in Design Layout).

    i. Drag a "Site Popup" block onto the main layout.

    ii. Click "Popup" button on tool bar list and choose a popup

    iii.Click "popup once" button on tool bar list

    iv. Click "Expiry" button on the tool bar list and set how many days it will popup again to a user

     v. Click "Go live" button to save the layout