What is Layout slice

Layout slice is the similar concept of Layout

Instead of sharing the whole shared content, Layout slice shares the small chunk of content.

And it is only used with blocks which have filter option, such Content Filter, Carousel, etc.

How to create a Layout slice

To create a layout slice is very easy, just follow the steps below:

1. Login to the admin

2. Click "Layouts" on the left menu bar

3. Click "Layout Slices" under "Layouts"

4. Click "Create Layout Slice" button

5. Put a name in the "Title" filed, Please refer to the naming convention below.

6, Select "Layout Type", i.e. what type of "page" is going to use this layout slice.

7. Click "Design" button on the toolbar list to enable design mode.

8. Drag the shared common components onto the content builder

9. Click "Go Live" button on top right to save the layout slice.

Layout Slice Naming Convention

Default names:

Grid -- for displaying content as gird layout

List  -- for displaying content as list layout

Tiled-- for displaying content as masonry style 

Carousel -- for using in carousel block

CartItem -- for using on checkout page to show what are in the cart

CartItemView -- for using on payment page to show review of what are in  the cart

CartPreview -- for using on shopping cart dropdown panel

Also, you are able to specify different names.

1. Names are not case sensitive, but it DOES NOT support white space and special characters.

2. Same type CANNOT have the same name.