What is Layout

Layouts are templates for "pages, folio's, products, news.blog etc",

By creating a layout, you can place the common types/components required for the layout without repeating them saving time and allowing updates across the board if needed. Usually the Layout will include a header and footer block for the over all look of the website.

How to create a Layout

To create a layout is very easy, just follow the steps below;

1. Login the admin area.

2. Click "Layouts" on the left menu bar

3. Click "Create Layout" button on top left

4. Put a name for the layout, usually the layout name is the type name of the "page" and the main layout named "Design".

5. Select "Layout Type", i.e. what type of "page" is going to use this layout.

6. Click "Basic" button on top right, if the layout is default layout, put the wording "default" in "Tags" field.

7. Click "Design" to enable the design mode.

8. Drag a "Content Area" block onto the content builder. (Note: this step is essential because "Content Area" block display whatever content in the individual "page").

9. Place the shared common components onto the content builder.

10. Click "Go Live" button on top right to save the layout.