Drag and Drop Text

You can drag text from Microsoft Word, Text Editors, a Web page, and more straight to the Udo Content Editor. You can drop this text directly into a target area (dotted box, that highlights red when you hover over it). Udo will then automatically strip all the formatting from this text, and place it in a text block or Heading block, which will be automatically determined by Udo.

Drag and Drop Images

You can drag images directly into the editor drop zones, either from your desktop computer, or from a website. (Note: If the image is protected, it may not drag from another website, you will have to save it first, and then drag it to Udo). You can also drag an image directly from the media area of the website, or also drag the editor tab for an image, directly into a content drop target area.

Drag and Drop Video (Vimeo and Youtube)

You can drag a video thumbnail from a search result, or any list of videos on Youtube or Vimeo, directly into the Udo page builder.  You can also drag a link directly from the URL bar if you already have the video open.

Duplicating Content Blocks

If you are creating a page with several sections that look the same, it's often quicker to simply copy these, rather than creating them from scratch each time. To duplicate blocks, you would start the drag, as if you were going to move the block, and before dropping the block, press the Control Key (Option Key on Mac), and drop the block, then release the Key. You can copy any block, including Panels, Grids and Columns, with all of their contents duplicated.

Drag between pages, and sites

You can drag content between open editor tabs, by starting the drag, then hover over the destination tab, after 1 second or so of hovering, Udo will change the active tab, and you can drop your content into the Content Area.

If you manage more than one Udo website, you can drag content blocks from one Udo web site to another seamlessly.