1. Open your sites Admin Area, and Login
  2. Navigate to Orders
  3. Open the order used to pay for the Tickets you wish to mark as cancelled or refunded.
  4. Scroll down just below the Items area in the order
  5. In the Tickets Section, you can see the tickets that this order issued. 
  6. On each Order click the Mark Cancelled or Mark Refunded buttons, and follow the prompts.
  7. Once this has been done, the tickets will no longer scan as valid using the ticket validator app.

Please Note: Marking a ticket as cancelled or refunded will not actually refund the money spent on this ticket. You still need to perform a financial refund when required.
Order Editor - Ticket Components


Component List

  1. Mark Refunded Button
    Mark this ticket as Refunded - Will no longer scan as valid
  2. Mark Cancelled Button
    Mark this ticket as Cancelled - Will no longer scan as valid
  3. Mark Used Button
    Ticket will be marked as used, at the current time and date
  4. Used Status Badge
    Indicated that ticket has been used, and show the date and time of the usage
  5. Not Used Status Badge
    Indicates this ticket has never been marked as used or scanned
  6. Cancelled Status Badge
    Indicated this ticket has been Cancelled
  7. Refunded Status Badge & Reason
    Indicates this ticket has been marked as refunded, and shows the reason that was entered when performing this action
  8. Ticket Unique Identifier
    This identifier can be found on the ticket, and is unique for every ticket issued.