The Linked items area us used throughout your Udo website to provide connections between many items, pages on a menu, feature image on a product, products in a category, users in a user group, and many more.

Adding or Linking Items
The attach area allows you to link items a few different ways, below I will cover the three main methods:

Method 1: Using Add and Create Toolbar Buttons

If you are attaching an existing item (something already existing in your admin area) then you simply:

  1. Click the Add Button  at the top of the attach area
  2. Select the type you are wanting to add
  3. A list will appear, showing all the items you can choose from, simply select that item, and it will be attached.

Alternatively sometimes you want to attach something new, that does not yet exist. To do this you:

  1. Click the Create Button at the top of the attach area
  2. Select the type you are wanting to create
  3. A new item of that type will open up, complete these details. Once complete, press Go Live. The item will automatically be linked after it has been saved.

Method 2: Drag and Drop

You can drag a card or list item from anywhere in the system, into the linked items area. If you want to drag an item from another linked items area, you can drag this item, hover over the tag of the destination linked items area, after a second, the system will switch to this item, from there you can drop into the linked items area.

You can also drag Images, and files directly to the linked items area from your desktop, this will both upload the item, and link it.

Altering Links

Sometimes you may have items attached, but they are not the link type you need them to be. (IE. You have an image attached as a gallery image, not the feature image). You can see this by the little icons on the left of each card in the linked items area. You can toggle the link status by double clicking the link type icons, bold or near white is enabled, and dull or transparent is available but not selected.

Removing Links

To remove an item from the linked items area, you need to see how it is attached. On the left of each card in the linked items area, the link types are displayed as icons, the bold icons are the active link types. You can double click these to toggle them, by toggling all the link types so they are no longer bold, the item will be removed.