Please Note: Udo needs to be up to date as of 2017-07-01

Enabling Geo Sitemaps allows search engines to attach a physical address to your website search listing. Once enabled Udo will serve a locations.kml file with the address, company name, and location from your site settings.

How to enable:

  1. Log into to your websites Admin area
  2. Open 'Site Configuration' from Settings drop down menu (top right)
  3. Ensure Company Name, Company Address, Company Phone, and Longitude, Latitude fields are completed.
    (You can get longitude and latitude for your location from google maps)
  4. Enable the 'Output Address in Location Sitemap' Option
  5. Save your Site Configuration.
  6. If you have not already, you need to submit your sitemap to the search engines. (via Webmaster Tools for Google, Bing, etc.)